Low Income Guidelines

These restrictions apply to EVICTION, CIVIL HARASSMENT and GUARDIANSHIP cases. If you have a domestic violence case there are no low income requirements.

Legal Aid can help if YOU receive public benefits:

  • Food Stamps
  • S.S.I.
  • SonomaWorks
  • General Assistance

OR If your GROSS yearly income is no greater than:

One person: Up to $34,400
Two People: Up to $39,300
Three People: Up to $44,200
Four People: Up to $49,100
Five People: Up to $53,050
Six People: Up to $57,000
Seven People: Up to $60,900
Eight People: Up to $64,850


Other important documents to bring with you!

  • All Clients must bring proof of their income (see details here), because Legal Aid needs to tell its funders whom we are serving. If you do not bring this documentation you may not be seen.
  • Police reports
  • ANY COURT papers from the last Two years and the most CURRENT COURT ORDER in your case.
  • Full Name, Address and contact information of the person you are opposing in your case.