Low Income Guidelines

These restrictions apply to EVICTION, CIVIL HARASSMENT and GUARDIANSHIP cases. If you have a domestic violence case there are no low income requirements.

Legal Aid can help if YOU receive public benefits:

  • Food Stamps
  • S.S.I.
  • SonomaWorks
  • General Assistance

OR If your GROSS yearly income is no greater than:

One person: Up to $34,400
Two People: Up to $39,300
Three People: Up to $44,200
Four People: Up to $49,100
Five People: Up to $53,050
Six People: Up to $57,000
Seven People: Up to $60,900
Eight People: Up to $64,850


Other important documents to bring with you!

  • Police reports
  • ANY COURT papers from the last Two years and the most CURRENT COURT ORDER in your case.
  • Full Name, Address and contact information of the person you are opposing in your case.