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General Info

  1. Go to any of Legal Aid’s webpages:
  2. On the upper right side, click the   login button button. This will take you to the login form.
  3. Enter the username and password that were given to you, then click ‘Login’.
  4. A ‘Donors List’ will appear, similar to the following:
    Database screen shot

  5. To access a donor’s phone number and to log your call into the donor’s record,
    click on the blue circular button   blue circular button to the left of their name, as shown in the above ‘Donor List’.
    The ‘Edit Donor Form’ will appear, as shown below:

    Edit Donor Form


Log call into donor’s record

     Note: the ‘Submit Changes’ button must be clicked for all edits, with the exception of ‘Call Notes’.

  • If the donor makes a pledge, put the amount of their pledge in the
    ‘Donation Amount’ box. Next, click on the dot next to  Donated , then click
    on “Submit Changes”. The donor’s record at the top will change to a green background.
  • If you leave a message, first click on the dot next to  Left Message ,
    then click on “Submit Changes”. The donor’s record at the top will change to a yellow background.
  • If the donor declines to pledge this year, first click on the dot next to  Do not Call ,
    then click on “Submit Changes”. The donor’s record at the top will change to a red background.
  • If you make a mistake. If you’ve found a mistake after clicking the
    “Submit Changes” button, click the “Undo” button. The “Undo” button will only work
    if used before clicking the
    “Return to Donors List” button.
  • Email a donor by clicking on their email address in their record. The caller’s email
    address will automatically be inserted into the email as the return address, and a ‘Bcc’ copy will be sent
    to your (the caller’s) email address.
  • Call Notes –
    This area is for callers to track up to 5 calls. Click ‘Add New Note’
    to create a new date/time stamp and text area. The text area may be edited in a similar manner as most text
    editors. Text may be removed by selecting the text and then clicking ‘Delete’ on your keyboard.
    Call Notes will not be erased when the ‘Undo’ or ‘Clear’ buttons are used.
    Call Notes image


  • To see all of the donors you have claimed, click on the ‘My Claims’ button.
    NOTE: clicking this button changes ‘Search Category’ to ‘Claimed by’.
  • Alphabet buttons for searching are at the top of the page. By default,
    these search by ‘Last Name’. Other search criteria may be used by choosing a different ‘Search Category’,
    then clicking on an alphabet button.

    Alphabet search buttons
  • To search for a specific donor or firm, choose the appropriate ‘Search category’, then enter
    some or all of the name of the donor or firm in the ‘Specific search’ box, then click the ‘Search’ button.


  • The sort column is identified by it’s blue/green borders. By default, sorting is based on Last Name. Click on
    any column heading (Last Name, Firm, ’10, Claimed, etc) to sort the list by that column, in ascending order.
    Additional clicks toggle the sort between ascending and decending order.

Claiming Donors

  • Callers may “claim” donors. A claimed donor’s record can only be accessed by the caller who claimed it.
  • To claim a donor, click the blue button   blue circular button   next to their name on the ‘Donors List’. On the ‘Edit Donor Form’,
    click on the dot next to “Claim Donor”, then click “Submit Changes”. The text of the donor’s record
    will turn blue. To release a previously claimed donor, click on “Remove Claim”, then click
    on “Submit Changes”.
  • Claims are for 4 weeks, after which time they expire, unless the claim has been renewed. Claims may
    be renewed for 4 weeks at any time. An expired claim may be claimed by any caller.
  • To see all of the donors you have claimed, click on the ‘My Claims’ button.
  • Claimed donors’ records appear in blue text.

If the program won’t display in your browser….

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may be an older version of Internet Explorer(versions 6 or earlier), which does not display the
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