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Whom Does Legal Aid Help?

You must live in Sonoma County or have a case/legal matter in Sonoma County.

If you need help with a housing/eviction problem or a guardianship, you must be low-income.

ALL clients must bring us proof of their income, whatever it is.

Legal Aid’s services are available in English and Spanish.

What Can Legal Aid Help With?

Domestic Violence/Civil Harassment Restraining Orders: If you are feeling afraid of someone you know, live with, have a relationship with, or are related to, we can help you seek a Restraining Order. We will help you prepare all the legal documents you need, assist you to write your story for the judge, and help you prepare for your hearing. All of these services are confidential and private. To receive Civil Harassment assistance you must be LOW INCOME. Domestic Violence services are provided for people of all income levels.

Guardianship Services: If you are caring for, or want to care for a child that is not yours (grandchild, neighbor, a friend’s child), a guardianship can give you custody of that child as well as access to financial and medical resources for the child. To receive guardianship services you must be LOW INCOME.

Eviction/Housing Cases: If you are being evicted or have questions about your rental housing, we can assist you with information and legal papers to respond to your eviction. We also assist landlords who are having difficulty with their tenants or need to file eviction papers. To receive eviction/housing services you must be LOW INCOME.

IMPORTANT: If you receive eviction papers, come to see us IMMEDIATELY. If you wait too long, we may not be able to assist you!!

Elder Law Services: If you are 60 or over, in addition to the services above Legal Aid may be able to help with Elder Abuse restraining orders, Conservatorships (under limited circumstances), and simple Estate Planning. Contact our ELDER PHONE LINE to see if you qualify and to schedule an appointment: 707-340-5610.

How to Get Our Services

You must come to our office in person during business hours to be screened before we can set an appointment. We generally set same day or next day appointments.

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What to bring:

Small Businesses:

If you own a small business in Sonoma County that has been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and have legal needs we can provide limited legal advice and services for your business. We also assist vulnerable Sonoma County Residents who are looking to start a business. Contact our SBER Team at (707) 308-2551 to see if we can help you and schedule an appointment.

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