Veterans’ Services Program

Legal Aid of Sonoma County’s Veterans’ Services Program serves homeless and low-income individuals who reside in Sonoma County and served at least a day in the military. We assist former service-members with a variety of issues, including:

  • Discharge Upgrades
  • Character of Discharge Determinations
  • Service Connected Compensation Claims
  • VA benefits appeals

Our mission is to assist former service members in achieving stability through access to life-changing benefits. To schedule an appointment with the Veterans Benefits Program, call (707) 542-1291.

How Veterans’ Services helps Former Service Members/Veterans in our Community

Jack’s Story…

Jack had been homeless for nearly a decade when he came to Legal Aid of Sonoma County looking for assistance accessing the Veterans Administration benefits he was entitled to. Jack served as an Army Infantryman between 1984 and 1985 and was discharged early because of the onset of mental health symptoms.

Jack had attempted to file for the service-connected disability compensation benefits he was entitled to on his own but his claim was denied because he did not have the tools he needed to navigate the confusing VA benefits system.

Legal Aid of Sonoma County’s Veterans’ Services team was able to appeal Jack’s claim and overcome the eligibility barrier posed by his shortened length of service by proving the connection of his mental health condition to his service. Jack received the benefits he was entitled to and as a direct result, is no longer homeless.

Impact of the Vets’ Program

This program helps former service members who are homeless or low-income overcome barriers to accessing life-changing health care and income benefits they are entitled to.