Child Abuse Prevention Program (C.A.P.P.)

  • Serves 100 families and 150 abused childrenannually
  • Protects abused and neglected children by helping them stabilize in loving homes outside of the foster care system
  • Assists at risk children with the following critical issues:
    • Physical & emotional abuse
    • Homelessness
    • Parental abandonment
    • Truancy
    • Lack of medical care
    • Exposure to drugs

A grandmother’s life alters course:

Read a Press Democrat article about how Legal Aid assisted a grandmother and her grandchildren.

Adam’s story:

Adam is 2 years old. On July 4th, Adam’s mother called her friend Susan and said, “I am going to fill up the bath tub and drown this child if you do not come and get him!” She also confessed to beating Adam regularly, to the point that strangers had reprimanded her in the street.

On July 5th, Susan retrieved Adam. On July 7th, Adam’s mother demanded him back. Unable to get help from C.P.S., Susan came to Legal Aid for help. Within 48 hours she had an emergency guardianship in place. She now has permanent guardianship of Adam. That guardianship saved Adam’s life.

Adam used to throw tantrums where he pinched and bite himself. The tantrums have ceased. When he first came to Susan, Adam was undernourished and underweight; he has gained over 5 pounds.Adam was in constant pain due to an untreated ear condition. This was also preventing him from learning to speak. Because of the guardianship, Susan was able to have Adam’s ear operated on. His pain has ceased and now Adam is able to speak like other 2 year olds. Most important of all, Adam is now safe; he will not be beaten or drowned.