Elder Law (ELDER)


-Serves over 500 seniors each year.

-Provides crisis legal services for seniors 55 and over. Appointments are available at our offices in Santa Rosa and off-site for qualifying seniors who live in remote areas throughout the County.


-Elder law services include:

  • Elder Abuse/Domestic Violence/Civil Harassment Restraining Orders
  • Elder Financial Abuse
  • Guardianships (of minors)
  • Evictions and Rental Housing Issues
  • Simple Wills
  • Advanced Healthcare Directives
  • Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Debtor-Creditor Issues



MABEL’s Story


Mabel is 80 years old; she is also a victim of elder financial abuse. That abuse would have made her homeless were it not for Legal Aid. Mabel was defrauded by her son (who became her landlord) into spending $82,000 on a property, with the promise that she could live on the property rent free. Mabel’s son then tried to evict Mabel, which would have left her destitute and homeless.


First, Legal aid stopped this fraudulent eviction. Then our elder team obtained a settlement payment for Mabel which allowed her to purchase her own mobile home. This assured that Mabel had her own housing and was in no way dependent on her unscrupulous son. The settlement also allowed Mabel to pursue further civil action against her son for the remainder of the $82,000.00.





Art and Gail had lived in their small, Bodega Bay cottage for over 25 years. First Art was diagnosed with a serious medical condition; then their landlord sold the property.  The new owner wanted them out right away; they were immediately served with a 60-day notice.  Art and Gail had been paying $700.00 a month which had allowed them to survive on a limited income. Being evicted meant facing rents that were more than twice that amount—they would need significant time to make a plan and find someplace they could begin to afford.  Without time or resources, Art and Gail were facing homelessness.


Legal Aid’s elder outreach team intervened.  As a result of strong advocacy, Legal Aid obtained a significant transition payment for the couple! Legal Aid also obtained a positive recommendation from their landlord, and negotiated additional time for them to move. This made it possible for Art and Gail to find temporary housing, storage for their belongings, and time to formulate a more permanent plan.  Advocacy prevented Art and Gail from being in a shelter or living in their car. Housing stability also allowed Gail to keep her job and reach her approaching retirement, as planned.


If you are 55 or over, Contact our ELDER HOTLINE to see if you qualify and to schedule an appointment: 707-340-5610