HOME: Eviction Defense and Tenant Stabilization Program

The HOME Program helps low-income tenants with eviction defense, Section 8 issues, mobile home park issues, habitability problems and price gouging. We also assist low-income landlords who need help negotiating with tenants.

Our housing team also provides housing outreach services to tenant clients located in remote areas of the County who are unable to come into the office.

  • Helps prevent homelessness by preventing unlawful evictions
  • Ensures that low-income people have safe and habitable homes
  • Helps preserve existing low-income housing
  • Makes landlords repair properties rather than leaving them in disrepair.
  • Helps tenants who must move, achieve time and financial resources, which helps them transition to other units, or have time to locate temporary housing.
  • Helps low-income landlords whose own housing or safety may be at risk due to a problem tenant.

Impact of the HOME Program

This program assists over 600 families and individuals each year.

HOME improves the quality of rental housing and helps stabilize low-income tenant families in a precarious housing climate.

Special Help for Tenants:

Protection from Eviction during the Coronavirus Emergency

We have drafted a sample letter for you to provide to your housing provider in the event you are unable to pay your rent.

The letter explains that there is a new governmental decision to postpone the date you are required to pay the rent if you are having a big loss of income for reasons related to the Coronavirus.

To take advantage of this protection, you need to show your housing provider why you cannot pay.

Here are some types of documents that you can attach to the letter:

  • Letter or email from your employer
  • Medical bills
  • Letter or email from your child’s school
  • Invoices that show reduction in sales or business income
  • Anything else that shows your reduced income is related to the Coronavirus circumstances

Please see the download link below or call our hotline for additional assistance.

Eviction Prevention letter for Tenants
Download it here >>

Tenant Form Letter
Download it here >>

Ayuda Especial para Inquilinos:

Protección contra el Desalojo durante la Emergencia del Coronavirus

Hemos redactado una carta de muestra para que se la entregue a su proveedor de vivienda en caso de que no pueda pagar el alquiler.

La carta explica que hay una nueva decisión gubernamental de posponer la fecha en que debe pagar el alquiler si tiene una gran pérdida de ingresos por razones relacionadas con el Coronavirus.

Para aprovechar esta protección, debe mostrarle a su proveedor de vivienda por qué no puede pagar.

Aquí hay algunos tipos de documentos que puede adjuntar a la carta:

  • Carta o correo electrónico de su empleador
  • Facturas médicas
  • Carta o correo electrónico de la escuela de su hijo
  • Facturas que muestran reducción en ventas o ingresos comerciales
  • Cualquier otra cosa que muestre sus ingresos reducidos está relacionada con las circunstancias del Coronavirus.

Consulte el enlace de descarga a continuación o llame a nuestra línea directa para asistencia adicional.

COVID-19 carta informativa para le cliente Descarguelo aqui >>

COVID-19 Ordenanza de Defensa contra el Desalojo el condado de Sonoma Descarguelo aqui >>

Actual Stories of How HOME Helps Tenants

Bill’s Story

Bill is a Section 8 housing voucher holder who is disabled and has lived in his apartment for over 19 years. William was served with an eviction notice after false claims by his neighbor were made. Had he been evicted, Bill would have been homeless.

LASC investigated the neighbor’s claim and disproved it. LASC staff represented Bill through litigation and successfully attained a stipulated judgment in his favor. This judgment enabled him to stay in his home and not pay any attorney’s fees. Bill avoided homelessness and was able to remain in his home of 19 years.

For more information, call our HOME Hotline: 707-843-4432