HOME: Eviction Defense and Tenant Stabilization Program

The HOME Program helps low-income tenants with eviction defense, Section 8 issues, mobile home park issues, and habitability problems. We also assist low-income landlords who need help negotiating with tenants. Our Geographic Housing Equity (GHE) team provides housing outreach services to tenant clients located in remote areas of the County. For more information, call our HOME Hotline: 707-843-4432

  • Helps over 600 families & individuals annually
  • Helps prevent homelessness by preventing unlawful evictions
  • Ensures that low-income people have safe and habitable homes
  • Helps preserve existing low-income housing:
    • Makes landlords repair properties rather than leaving them in disrepair.
    • Helps mobile home park residents organize and fight unjust practices, which may help keep the unit or park affordable
  • Helps tenants who must move, achieve time and financial resources, which helps them transition to other units, or have time to locate temporary housing.
  • Helps low-income landlords whose own housing or safety may be at risk due to a problem tenant.


Susan’s Story

Susan came to Legal Aid because she was being evicted from the mobile home park where she had lived for over 25 years. Susan is severely disabled with a heart condition, physical problems related to a previous stroke, chronic systemic lupus, spina bifeda, and arthritis. Susan lives with her 13 year old daughter who is also disabled, suffering from autism, cerebral palsy and blindness. Both are confined to wheelchairs. Susan and her daughter were being evicted because they had failed to maintain the exterior part of their unit and yard in keeping with the park’s standards. Due to Susan’s disabilities she was unable to do the upkeep herself. Susan and her daughter were about to become homeless and lose their mobile home.

Legal Aid worked with the client and the park for several months to design a plan that would ensure that the property would be maintained in a satisfactory manner in the future and reached a successful settlement for the client. Thanks to intervention Legal Aid provided through its HOME program, Susan and her daughter are not homeless today.

Legal Aid of Sonoma County is critical to our community’s safety and well-being. The services we provide are unavailable anywhere else. The continued growth and development of our programs will bring safety and shelter to thousands of men, women and children who would otherwise lack the ability to enjoy the basic human rights we all deserve.

Our work cannot continue without support from the community. We will work harder than ever to raise funds to ensure the success of our programs. We hope we can count on your support.